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EA Reveals Mass Effect Tie-In Apps

Jonathan Lester
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Mass Effect 3

EA Reveals Mass Effect Tie-In Apps

EA has revealed two iOS apps that will augment the Mass Effect 3 experience by adding to our Galactic Readiness level as we play (thus strengthening our position for the Reapers' inevitable last attack).

Infiltrator will task players with freeing captives from fortified Cerberus facilities in order to expose the evil organisation to the galaxy at large. You'll be able to use powers and Biotics from the main game, with mission victories translated into Galactic Readiness.

Datapad, in contrast, is a more tactical affair as it displays an overview of the galaxy map (which is apparently based on the status of your Mass Effect 3 game) and challenges us to strategically deploy units to counter Reaper incursions into different systems. Kotaku reports that you can also receive in-game text messages from your squadmates, stay in touch with your universe and possibly even pursue romance options? Sounds interesting.

So, we have to play these apps to save the human race? No pressure then.

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