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EA Sports Active 2 Pre-order £55.25 @ Tesco Entertainment [Wii Games]

Tom Silkstone
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EA Sports Active 2 Pre-order £55.25 @ Tesco Entertainment [Wii Games]

Here's another addition to the niche group of fitness games that the Wii's been dominating since they first offered a cheap alternative to forking out for monthly gym fees, although that might change once Move and Kinetic are released.

NB. Remember to use the following code to pick up the game at the advertised price: FTSL15-1

Tesco Entertainment are letting you pre-order your copy on the Wii ready for its release in November for £55.25, which is almost £11 cheaper than the next best price of £65.99 coming in from CD Wow.

There are a couple of gadgets which come along with the game that'll help you to get the most out of your exercise plans. The first is a heart rate monitor which sits on your left forearm, and allows you to measure the progress you're making to your cardiovascular fitness and how hard you're working during your training sessions. The second is the wireless motion tracking system which takes readings from sensors that are present in arm and leg straps, in addition to the Wii mote and then translated them into the virtual world on the screen in front of you.

With a range of over 70 different exercises and activities including weight lifting staples such as squats and bicep curls and sports like boxing and basketball, you can customise your workouts depending on your personal preferences. However, if you're not as fitness savvy as a professional athlete, then you can quickly jump into one of the 9 week programs, which provide you with a progressively difficult full body workout.

At one time or another everybody has a problem with motivation when it comes to physical activity and if you find you can't really get into the mood to get up off the sofa, then you can hire one of the personal trainers in the game to shout action movie slogans at you until you're feeling fired up once more.

If you're curious as to how well you're doing in comparison to the masses, then you can quickly log onto the net and compare statistics with the people who make up the online community.

Also, the Wii balance board is compatible with the game, so you can hook it up provided you've already purchased one.

For me this is a little bit on the pricey side to justify buying, when I could simply walk outside and go running for free, but if you don't fancy venturing from the comfort of your living room then this might be worth looking into.

Thanks to goonertillidie @ HUKD

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