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EA Sports Active 2 (pre-order) @ Blockbuster £34.99 [Wii Games] £39.99 [PS3 Games]

Brendan Griffiths
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EA Sports Active 2 (pre-order) @ Blockbuster £34.99 [Wii Games] £39.99 [PS3 Games]

Look away hardcore gamers as EA leans towards transforming the PS3 into a Wii. Actually don't look away, start your Xmas shopping early because this is half price! If you have any relatives that enjoyed Wii Fit or even the first EA Active title, then this is a no-brainer at this price.

NB: Blockbuster's website is often a pain with the 'Buy' button going missing. Try searching for an item manually if the links don't work.

The recommended retail price is £80 so this really is a killer deal, especially seeing as the next best prices are the £65 pound mark. The package is released November 19th and surely won’t get any cheaper before Christmas.

What do you actually get though? A heart-rate monitor strapped to your arm (instead of your chest this time) will let you know how close to blacking out you are and other straps will track your body movement with no wires required.

There are over 70 different exercises to go through, although it’s probably best not to do them all in one session. Well, unless there’s a gold Trophy in it maybe. As well as jogging, squat thrusts, lunges and other exercises not suited to your living room carpet (there’s a reason everyone has a wooden floor in the trailers) there will be a range of games like boxing and basketball too.

Your fitness data and progress can be uploaded online for you to see how you’ve been improving over time, or if you’re really brave, you can compare with friends. The built-in personal trainer will help whip you into shape and will most certainly be cheaper than a real one, plus there’s the advantage of being able to unplug him and not having to wipe off his enthusiastic spittle of encouragement / disappointment.

It’s a shame that the 360 version isn’t included in this half-price pre-order scheme as it will be Kinect compatible, but we’ll let you know in double-time if it gets included.

Thanks to Jamie_t2005 at HotUkDeals for the find.

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