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Get Earth 2160 and TopWare 'classics' for 60p via Games Rage Bundle 4

Jonathan Lester
PC games

Get Earth 2160 and TopWare 'classics' for 60p via Games Rage Bundle 4

Games Rage Bundle 4 sure is cheap. That's the take-home message here, because 60p is a nice little price for excellent futuristic RTS Earth 2160 and KnightShift, which is billed as a neat RPG/RTS fusion. I say "billed as" because reviews are thin on the ground beyond some European offerings, while even forgiving players call it out for bugs and atrocious voice acting. It's probably better than lame hack-and-slasher X-Blades, the frankly rubbish RPG Two Worlds and ChickenShoot, though.

So... where was I? Yes. 60p. If you're in the market for Earth 2160 and fancy some extra Steam backlog fodder, this will suit you down to the ground. Thanks to jaystan @ HUKD!

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TheTingler  May. 17, 2014 at 15:39

Of course you can always add Two Worlds and Two Worlds II, which are pretty good RPGs from what I've heard, for about 25p more ($1.82 in total).


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