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Ecolis - Save the Forest Nintendo £4.93 @ The Hut [DS Games]

Marius Goubert
DS games, Ecolis - Save the Forest, Real time strategy
Nintendo DS

Ecolis - Save the Forest Nintendo £4.93 @ The Hut [DS Games]If you want to unleash your inner eco warrior and set about combating the scourge of industrialisation as it consumes the green spaces of Mana Forest, then why not pick up a copy of Ecolis – Save the Forest on the DS. Currently the game is going for just £4.93 at the Hut which gives you a decent saving of over £2 compared with the next best deal according to price comparison.

Ecolis – Save the Forest is a real time strategy game in which you assume the role of Dorian, the young apprentice to Mana Forest’s master wizard. The story behind the game centres upon the encroachment of an ‘Evil Kingdom’ which threatens to devour the lush green spaces of Mana Forest with its evil industrial machines, and pollute the beautiful scenery with horrible toxins and dangerous gases.

However, realising that the mountain god would be angered by an invasion of housing developers (or whatever they are supposed to represent) the Master Wizard and Dorian are tasked with fighting back. But rather than building tree houses or chaining themselves to bulldozers, the pair must recruit an array of mystical ‘wood spirits’. These combatants must be recruited from spawn points located at Dorian’s ‘life replenishing base’, Mana House.

Throughout 40 missions, the player must lead wood spirits into battle and attempt to turn the tide against the vile industrialists and win back control of the beloved forest. The game was not fantastically well reviewed although it did attain praise for its cute visuals, endearing creatures, catchy background music, and overall charm. This might be a good one to initiate very young kids into the horrors of climate change, but overall, Ecolis – Save the Forest is far from being the best RTS title currently out for the DS.Ecolis - Save the Forest Nintendo £4.93 @ The Hut [DS Games]

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Smiff  Oct. 1, 2009 at 18:43

not a game about food poisoning?


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