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From Efron's Addiction to DeLong's Prediction - News Roundup 5th January 10

Marius Goubert
DJ Hero, EA, News, Xbox 360

Today’s news roundup sees video game addiction infiltrating the ranks of the rich and famous. David Guetta accidently leaks news of a DJ Hero sequel and lastly, EA’s Jason DeLong discusses the need for developers to make their games more economical.

Efron’s 360 Addiction Shame

From Efron's Addiction to DeLong's Prediction - News Roundup 5th January 10

We are all love to hear about dysfunctional celebrities and how their lives, so pristine on the surface, are secretly being torn apart by infidelity, violence and secret drug addictions. After all, nothing makes you feel better about yourself than to read about some superstar’s psychological turmoil. But, when it comes to actor Zac Efron – star of such unforgettable classics as ’17 Again’ and ‘High School Musical’ – it isn’t drug or alcohol addiction which has his family, his agent and particularly his girlfriend so concerned, but his obsession with his Xbox 360.

No doubt like so many other girlfriends the world over, Zac’s partner Vanessa has begun to seriously consider the possibility that Zac loves his  360 more than her. Vanessa has hardly seen him," said a source close to the couple. "He talks more to his friends online, while blasting away at aliens or whatever, than to her." Poor Vanessa even tried to get in on the action in a bid to understand the seductive power of her Xbox love rival but unfortunately ‘her boredom threshold is a lot shorter than Zac's’. Apparently she is now on the verge of saying 'It's me or the Xbox’. [Play.Tm]

David Guetta leaks DJ Hero 2

From Efron's Addiction to DeLong's Prediction - News Roundup 5th January 10

Cheesy David Guetta, producer of that annoyingly catchy ‘When Love Takes Over’ track, let slip during an interview with a Canadian Magazine that Activision intend on bringing out a DJ Hero sequel. Guetta then went on to big up the latest interactive music game by saying ‘after 10 minutes you get the same rush as a DJ who’s been practicing for 10 years.’ Unfortunately however - perhaps partly because of the ludicrously high price Activision slapped on their DJ Hero package – the game has pretty much flopped. Maybe for the sequel they need to drop Guetta and get in a real turntablist like Mix Master Mike… [GoNintendo]

Game prices will fall, predicts EA

From Efron's Addiction to DeLong's Prediction - News Roundup 5th January 10

It’s hard to remember a time when video games didn’t set you back a small fortune, but according to EA’s Jason DeLong, game prices are going to start falling over the next few years. DeLong reckons that buying full games will soon be a thing of the past, as companies begin to offer consumers ‘smaller up front experiences’ and then the option to extend their games with ‘episodic’ DLC. This will enable developers to keep customers playing a variety of different titles even when times are tight,and no one can afford to fork out £40 - £50 per game. [Eurogamer]

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EndlessWaves  Jan. 5, 2010 at 20:54

Judging by the current DLC pricing that'll just make gaming more expensive overall and you'll be forking out £70-80 for a full game rather than £30.


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