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EGM Reveal Bioshock Infinite's Hero, Booker DeWitt

Felix Kemp
Bioshock Infinite | Playstation 3 | Xbox 360

EGM Reveal Bioshock Infinite's Hero, Booker DeWitt

We've known about Booker DeWitt, the former Pinkerton agent tasked with extricating Columbia's most prized asset, Elizabeth, from the clutches of its warring populace, for a while now. But what with Infinite's first-person perspective and Irrational's distaste for cinematics, we've not had a clue what he actually looks like. Until now. Gracing the cover of the latest issue of EGM, Irrational have finally revealed the look of their latest protagonist.

EGM Reveal Bioshock Infinite's Hero, Booker DeWitt

With a pistol raised, face stern, a protective arm shielding the frightened Elizabeth, DeWitt hits all the right notes as a stoic yet troubled hero. Hair all witch-away, his sleeveless jacket sporting braces and a holster, DeWitt wouldn't be out of place in a Wild West poster. It's not a particularly original design - thirty-something white males comprise the majority of videogame's protagonist pantheon - but at least he's not bald.

And according to Ken Levine, the cover art was inspired by 141st issue of the Uncanny X-Men, with DeWitt's pose mirroring Wolverine's and the backdrop of wanted posters reflected in both sheets. We're very, very excited for Bioshock Infinite here at Dealspwn. Don't believe us? Then check out our latest preview, why don't ya'? [IGN]

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Late  Jul. 8, 2011 at 12:22

Looks like Joshua Jackson, off of Fringe.


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