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Eidos Montreal: Good Series Relaunch "Replaces The Necessity Of Having New IPs"

Matt Gardner
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Eidos Montreal: Good Series Relaunch "Replaces The Necessity Of Having New IPs"

Eidos Montreal's general manager, Stéphane D'Astous, has suggested that rebooting an old IP with new "flavour" can lessen the need for new IP.

With D'Astous' studio having released Deus Ex: Human Revolution to critical acclaim last year, and with a Thief revamp on the way, he suggested that a familiar brand - if used in conjunction with innovation and new ideas - can lead to increased sales.

"Innovation and ideas are important," he said, "but if you're able to bring forward an existing IP to bring new types of experiences, I think people will buy them, because they know they can relate to a franchise they've played before."

Recalling his time at EA, D'Astous made the point that it's important "new IP" doesn't simply become a buzzword, that new ideas are key, but that those can be partnered with existing franchises.

"The buzzword I remember at [Electronic Arts] three, four years ago, is a 'we need to spit out three new IPs per year' kind of thing. It was a buzzword," he continued.

"In our case, maybe we haven't produced new IPs, but a major relaunch of a title like Deus Ex and Thief, we considered it almost like a new IP, certainly in the effort. So we bring back something from the cult classics.

"This is maybe not considered new IP, but it brings a new flavour. Games are more and more sophisticated; it's less based on one or two mechanics. I think this replaces the necessity of having new IPs." [Gamasutra]

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