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Eidos Montreal: People Want More Than "Corridor Shoot Shoot" For $60

Matt Gardner
Deus Ex: Human Revolution, E3 2012, Eidos Montreal, Gameplay flexibility, Player choice, Stealth Games, Thief 4

Eidos Montreal: People Want More Than "Corridor Shoot Shoot" For

Eidos Montreal head honcho Stephane D’Astous has suggested that when it comes to Thief 4 player choice is crucial, and that the team are going to be pulling out all of the stops to try and make it as good, if not better than, Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

"The success of Deus Ex put two things in perspective for us. Our second game needs to be as good or better than Deus Ex, and it gave a lot of credibility to the studio,” he told OXM.

“Putting a successful game under your belt brings more confidence and credibility, and less red tape. We don’t want to be seen as a one trick pony.”

D'AStous has promised that the game will feature “more than just stealth”, noting that the flexibility of gameplay will reflect the opportunities for player choie found in Human Revolution, but that Thief 4 will “definitely [have] a different approach, a different play style.”

D'Astous also suggested that in spending $60 on a game, players deserved more choice in the way they play their games.

“In Deus Ex, we really wanted to give different options in how to play, and we will want to bring a certain level of that to Thief,” D’Astous continued.

“I think if people spend $60 on a game, they want more than corridor shoot shoot, corridor shoot shoot. People are asking for a little more, so give them the choice of how they want to play.”

Frankly, the mere mention of Thief 4 is enough right now to warrant wholesale purchases of emergency spare underwear, such is our excitement. No details of any kind on a release timeframe yet, though.

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hurrakan  Jun. 12, 2012 at 12:10

Deus Ex Human Revolution was a good game.

But it was nowhere near as good as the original Deus Ex. And nowhere near as many ways to play.

And if it's multi-platform Theif 4 will definitely suck.

StolenDiagram  Jun. 12, 2012 at 13:47

Of course it'll be multi-platform.

When was the last time the PC got an exclusive AAA title? :(


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