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Eidos Montreal Teases Deus Ex: The Fall

Jonathan Lester
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Eidos Montreal Teases Deus Ex: The Fall

Will We See A New Deus Ex At E3?

Eidos Montreal have teased something called 'The Fall,' which ties in nicely with some domain registrations for Deus Ex: The Fall made earlier this year.

Could the studio behind Human Revolution be ready to reveal another chapter in the magnificent series?

Without further ado: here's the suggestive tweet in question:

As previously reported, Square Enix registered  DeusExTheFall.comDeusExTheFall.netand DeusExTheFall.co.uk. back in March, so we can be fairly certain that something Deus Ex-related this way comes. Whether it's a brand new game/sequel or some sort of supporting expanded universe tie-in such as a novel or app remains to be seen.

With E3 around the corner, we can probably expect to hear more next week.

Thought experiment time: what would you want from a Deus Ex: Human Revolution sequel? Personally, I wonder whether 'The Fall' could refer to the technology crash that has to happen between Human Revolution and the original Deus Ex, the latter of which is much less high-tech in terms of gadgetry, mechanical augmentations and standard of living.

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