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No New Elder Scrolls To EA Being Casual: News Roundup August 15th

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Bethesda confirm they have no current plans for Elder Scrolls V in today’s news roundup. In other news, Splinter Cell: Conviction was pushed back to 2010 for some reworking, Massive Action Game also sees delay with a new 2010 release date, and EA president Peter Moore reveals not everyone at EA Sports is happy with the casual approach.

Bethesda’s Next Game Not Elder Scrolls V

No New Elder Scrolls To EA Being Casual: News Roundup August 15th

The release of downloadable episode Mothership Zeta marked the end of Bethesda’s involvement with Fallout 3. Rumours suggest that work can now begin on the next Elder Scrolls, but according to Bethesda game director Todd Howard this isn’t happening anytime soon.

We are working on our next big game but we are not talking about it” said Howard, but he does stress this isn’t Elder Scrolls V, adding there are “no current plans” for another game in the series. What this mystery game is no one knows, but hopefully Bethesda can reveal more soon.  [BigDownload]

Splinter Cell: Conviction Pushed Back To Improve

No New Elder Scrolls To EA Being Casual: News Roundup August 15th

Splinter Cell: Conviction is headed for a 2010 release, a long time away from Ubisoft’s original release date, three years in fact. Conviction was originally set for release in 2007, but Ubisoft didnt get the reception at Ubidays they expected forcing them to reconsider.

Actually we felt that the game wasn't well received [at Ubidays] and some of the critics were actually saying that we were missing the gameplay, when we started having maybe a bit of trouble bringing back the core gameplay” said production manager Andréane Meunier. Since then Ubisoft decided to give Splinter Cell the time it deserved to “rework the core values”. Hopefully all the work will be worth it when the game sees release in 2010.  [EuroGamer]

MAG Pushed Back To 2010

No New Elder Scrolls To EA Being Casual: News Roundup August 15th

Sony has announced that upcoming Massive Action Game will be the latest game to see release in 2010. This news follows the announcement of a “MAG-centric community event in downtown Seattle” on the US PlayStation Blog, giving gamers the oppourtunity to give the game a go on a new map, and meet some of the development team. The hugely ambitious 256-player shooter currently has a confirmed release date of January 26th in America, with no other dates revealed.  [USPlayStation]

Not Everyone At EA Happy With Casual Approach

No New Elder Scrolls To EA Being Casual: News Roundup August 15th

EA Sports may one of the primary supporters of the casual gaming market, but according to President Peter Moore not everyone at EA is happy with this. “In all the games we made, everything was focused on making things more realistic” Moore said. But then along came the Wii, which changed the demographic enormously.

EA had to focus even more on the casual market as a result, sacrificing the realism of some sports titles, something not everyone at EA Sports was happy with. “It was hard. A lot of people at that time thought they would move on from our studios - they wanted to chase the core consumer”. Regardless, everyone at EA Sports has had to deal with it, with Madden NFL 10 approaching and with the huge sales of EA Sports Active everyone must be happy enough at EA.  [DevelopOnline]

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Rob C  Aug. 15, 2009 at 20:16

Top tip: 'Causal' is not the same word as 'casual.'

phil  Aug. 16, 2009 at 14:14

So are EA not happy with their Causal approach or Casual approach. Are there spelling mistakes afoot here!

Emma Kelly  Aug. 16, 2009 at 16:03

Sorry about the typos there, sorted now. Thanks for the comments :)

lumoruk  Aug. 16, 2009 at 23:59

"and the huge sales of EA Sports Active everyone must happy enough at EA." what? :?

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