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More Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Details Swoop In

Felix Kemp
Games news, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

More Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Details Swoop In

I'm actually giddy with excitement for Skyrim. Giddy! The fifth edition in the long-running fantasy RPG promises to finally deliver a Bethesda vision unleashed from technical constraints and such. Not to mention, it has dragons. Dragons whose souls you can devour. Need I say more? I probably should, especially when we have some all new details to reveal to you lucky, lucky Dealspwners!

Ripped from a Norwegian mag presumably deep in conversation with Bethesda's Todd Howard, the article goes over a lot of old and new ground while revealing some stuff you might not have expected. First off, he addresses a complaint leveled at the last Elder Scrolls game, Oblivion, where almost every dungeon or cave appeared the same. According to Howard, you can expect a far greater amount of variety the fifth time around, with ice caves, forts, chambers overgrowing with moss and the like. Bethesda still built from a basic five or six general sets, but they're working much harder to add a wider palette now.

Howard also sheds new light on the combat system, namely sword-fighting. For instance, you can alter the direction of each swipe with the control stick. You can also perform combos or leap back to avoid attacks. And you can also cripple enemy limbs, although Howard admits it's not like Fallout's system. And once you've slain an enemy, the loot is determined by your location. If you're in a particularly random portion of Skyrim, it'll mostly be randomized. If you're in a quest-specific area, it might be a significant piece of equipment.

And what of Skyrim's big selling point; the dragons? Howard explains that the number of dragons in the game isn't limited, so don't expect any reptilian genocide campaigns to yield much fruit. He also reveals some dragons have learned the "common tongue", meaning you can communicate with them directly. The dragons language is in fact the source of their power. When a dragon belches flame in Skyrim, it's uttering a Shout, one of the game's newfangled powers you, a Dragonborn, can employ.

The interview is huge, so I won't go over it all here. Howard drops a few teases and hints, such as potential dragon-riding DLC, how the team is still implementing horses into the game, and that you'll witness packs of wolves hunting mammoth. Could I be any more excited? I must just force myself to hibernate until November! [Gamenyusu]

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