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Get Elemental With The New inFamous 2 Trailer

Felix Kemp
Games news, inFamous 2
Infamous 2

Sucker Punch dropped a none too subtle hint at last year that electrified hero, Cole McGrath, might be receiving some sort of ice-based power when his E3 trailer concluded with the logo freezing over. Well now it's official, as in the video above you can clearly see Cole launching himself off summoned icebergs and hurling devastating glacial earthquakes. Oh, and Sucker Punch hasn't ignored the other elements, either, as Cole can be glimpsed wielding hellish fire powers, too.

Titled 'Quest for Power', the new inFamous 2 trailer begins with Cole's pal, Zeke, reminding him of his duties as a hero. How he can't simply stand by and put up with things. With the shadow of the Beast looming large, Cole tells Zeke he'll need some new powers if he's to truly fulfill his potential. And, in typical trailer fashion, a montage ensues, showcasing Cole's old electric powers - like gliding and conduit grinding - before concluding with ol' baldy clutching a mysterious, glowing MacGuffin.

Then, we see Cole dashing towards a rooftop - as you do - and instead of jumping, an iceberg erupts from beneath his foot, propelling Cole into the air in dramatic fashion. Then, Cole is seen wreathed in black-striped flames, barreling into a bunch of rifle-toting goons. Clearly wielding two additional elements now, Sucker Punch hit us with a one-two-three punch of electric, ice and fire-based takedowns.

It's a cracking trailer, and the only PS3-exclusive I'm that excited for this year. inFamous is still my favorite game on the platform, and I've got high hopes Sucker Punch can take what worked - and, more importantly, what didn't - and translate that into a far superior sequel.

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