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Elite Dangerous Hits Kickstarter Target

Carl Phillips
David Braben, Elite: Dangerous, Frontier Developments, Mac games, PC games, Space sims

Elite Dangerous Hits Kickstarter Target

Less Than 2 Days Left For Those Stretch Goals

We were a little concerned the pledges would slow down over the end of December, but David Braben and the rest of Frontier Developments are now safely over the finish line with time to spare. As of this morning, upcoming space sim Elite: Dangerous passed its crowdfunding target of £1,250,000 on Kickstarter, guaranteeing its development for an intended 2014 release. With around 38 hours left on the clock, the aim now for Braben and his team is to break a few stretch goals to add more content to the game.

After an initially shaky start to its crowdfunding campaign, which we feel was down to a lack of details for the project for a rather large overall target, Frontier Developments is now looking to hit £1.4 million to provide a Mac version of the game “3 months after the Windows PC release.” Fontier have also announced a further goal of £1.5 million, promising an additional 10 playable ships to fly around the galaxy should they get there. At the time of writing, Elite: Dangerous exceeds its initial target by £32,000.

With Elite’s development now confirmed, we could see a sudden surge of donations for the pledger bonuses available which includes name reservations along with digital copies of the game. You can click the widget below to head to the Kickstarter page, and we will keep you updated on the final total in a few days’ time.


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