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Empire: Total War £10.19 @ Steam [PC Games]

Neil Mohr
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Empire: Total War £10.19 @ Steam [PC Games]

Steam continues to stun us with borderline unbelievable deals on specific titles. The latest franchise to fall under its mighty price-vaporising beam is the Total War series. With huge 66% discounts on the entire range the crowning glory has to be the latest edition Empire: Total War, that you can pick up for just £10.19, which is over £4 better than the price of next closest The Hut at £14.73. Alternatively, for a mere £13.59 you can grab the Total War Mega Pack, which includes Medieval II: Total War, Rome: Total War and DLC.

This is total war. A combination of Civilisation and boys playing with their toy soldiers but on a grandiose scale that at times is truly breathtaking. The Total War series does such a seamless job of fusing entertainment, realistic military strategy and historical accuracy that the Rome iteration was used as part of a BBC programme to accurately represent battlefields in all their glory.

Empire: Total War is the next logical step forwards for the series. Set in the 1700’s you’ll switch between empire building and taking command on the battlefield, which can now be land or sea. The scope is simply vast looking at the single-player game you can ‘just’ tackle the war for American independence, which is effectively a tutorial for how both parts of the game work. The real time-sink is the Grand Campaign, where you get to take on the entire world.

The Total War series has always been utterly absorbing, balancing governance of your empire with waging war on the land and now sea. There’s also the multiplayer aspect, where you can flex your strategic muscle online and go about recreating all of the most famous historical battles. What are you waiting for?

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