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Empire Total War Download £14.99 @ Steam [PC Game]

Marius Goubert
Empire Total War, PC games, Real time strategy, Steam

Empire Total War Download £14.99 @ Steam [PC Game]

A good deal here for all you Total War enthusiasts. Steam are offering a full download of Empire: Total War for £14.99 which is a great bargain considering the next cheapest copy (according to Gamecrawler.com) is on Amazon at around £23. The game deal does end today though, so grab it while you can.

If like me, you were completely obsessed with every edition of Total War from Shogun to Kingdoms, Empire is simply a must have.

The game takes place in the 18th century across three huge world theatres which span their way from the deserts of India to the mountains of North America. The game also, for the very first time, includes battle map naval battles.Empire Total War Download £14.99 @ Steam [PC Game]

These are truly stunning in terms of their visuals. Watching the waves lap about the hull of your vessel as it slices its way through the choppy dark Atlantic or the light blue waters of the Caribbean, is nothing short of remarkable.

The detail is also unparalleled. During battle you can zoom in as your crews scramble their way up masts, fire muskets from mid - deck, and frantically reload cannons. However nothing quite beats unleashing a full broadside at point blank range on an enemy ship! It will topple masts, tear great gashes in the hull, and as the enemy try to flee, they will leave a trail of splintered wood and debris in their wake.

Land battles are also innovated with the emphasis now on muskets and artillery. However the player can also research particular pieces of technology to customize their army, navy and economy. One example being fire by rank – yes just like in the film Zulu!Empire Total War Download £14.99 @ Steam [PC Game]

However, do not be fooled into buying the upgraded version. It’s a total con! For an extra £10 you buy a version of the game which offers you nothing but a few extra units. This is nothing but a cheeky ploy by Sega to cash in on extras which should be offered free in a patch.

But overall Empire: Total War is too good. It’s a game that will have girl friends pleading in desperation ‘Please please get off that thing now…’. Have you leaving curtains drawn until evening and rejecting all human interaction for weeks. (Just make sure you remember to eat!)Empire Total War Download £14.99 @ Steam [PC Game]

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