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Endless Legend to get new victory quest, options & content in another free update

Jonathan Lester
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Endless Legend to get new victory quest, options & content in another free update

Endless Legend is an utterly fantastic 4X title that merges Sci-Fi and fantasy to create a completely unique universe. It's an early access success story that we praised to the stars and back in our full review.

And now it's set to get even bigger thanks to another free update entitled Eye On The Stars.

Eye on the Stars is the third free update for Endless Legend. Due March 18, Eye on the Stars features a Victory Quest that gives players the chance to leave Auriga, offers three new map pre-sets, includes a new minor faction and Steam achievements (as per G2G community design and votes), adds an ask-to-declare war diplomatic option, and provides better modding tools for gamers who love to dig deeper.

Feature list:

  • Victory Quest: A final quest for all factions that unlocks after Faction specific Quests, where the player can repair a Spaceship and leave the planet.
  • Three Map Generation Presets: Players will be able to easily choose a map preset for a fresh experience:
    • New World: Players start on the same island and need to conquer a new one for resources.
    • Scattered: Every player starts on its own island.
    • Symmetrical: Symmetrical Twin continents, perfect mirrors of each other.
  • The Dorgeshi Minor Faction: This new Minor Faction, chosen by the community, gives bonuses on Luxuries and has a powerful charging cavalier unit.
  • “Ask to declare war” diplomatic option: Players will be able to ask a faction to declare war on another one.
  • Three Steam Achievements: Community designed Steam Achievements. Kudos to T41, Andm, and Teslaflux community members.
  • Enhanced Modding Tools: Modders will be able to have access to the game Simulation.
  • New Keyboard Shortcuts: As requested by the community.

Yet another class act from Amplitude Studios, who've proved themselves to be one of the most considerate, focused and fan-driven developers around at the moment.

Want to get involved? You can buy Endless Legend for £21.60 on Green Man Gaming using voucher code JBTBG5-7GVTE8-W2YXRV.

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