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Endless Space Shifts 300,000 Copies, Gets Free Expansion & Steam Sale

Jonathan Lester
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Endless Space Shifts 300,000 Copies, Gets Free Expansion & Steam Sale

Brilliant 4X strategy game Endless Space has managed to sell over 300,000 copies since its launch last year. To celebrate, Amplitude Studios have released a free update that adds new buildings, technology, heroes, events, fixes and more. Virtual Awakening will install automatically on Steam when you next log in.

If that wasn't enough, Endless Space is 50% off on Steam - starting now [UPDATE: This happened sooner than we predicted, which is no bad thing]. We described Endless Space as "Orion's new master" in our 9/10 review, and we've got more details about Virtual Awakening below.

"Driven by their need to terraform and cultivate, it was only a matter of time before the Automatons turned their eyes to the least hospitable planets: Gas giants. A probe ship departed for an uncolonised system, hoping to test technology that could transform these jovian worlds into something livable.

It was a nice plan, but luck and reality had other ideas. The gas giant had a derelict platform orbiting it that had been of the Virtual Endless war effort -- and the Virtuals had left a guard behind. Worse yet, the system was rich in minerals from its asteroid belts, so a small but well-equipped group of Pirates was also keeping an eye on it.

Automaton, Endless, and Pirate -- an interesting enough mix. But there was a fourth unknown actor, watching from the “surface” of the gas giant. Deep in the viscous atmosphere, where the boundaries between gas and liquid and solid are vague and changeable, an intelligent life form tracked the signals from the platform and wondered what was going on.

Up above an uneasy truce was reached: Automatons experimented while the Pirates kept an eye out for profits. The project went smoothly until one of the Automatons, who had shown unusually clever behavior since landing on the Endless platform, noted that the radiation seeping from the planet might be transmissions from a sentient race…

Finish the testing at the risk of genocide? Try again elsewhere, regardless of the costs? Steal the technology and see what you can get for it? There are many questions, not the least of which is: What exactly is going on with that unusually clever Automaton?

The galaxy is about to get even stranger."


1 new Technology

  • Gas Giant Transformation

2 new Buildings

  • Deep Space Facility [G2G]
  • High Energy Array

3 new Planet Anomalies

  • Hostile Dust
  • Endless Trouble
  • Humeris Insidentes

4 new random events including stackable/escalating game events

  • Mad Scientist [G2G, by KingJohnVI]
  • New Religion [G2G, by KingJohnVI]
  • Sleeping War Machines [G2G, by Codename_Veers]
  • Endless Facility

4 new heroes with their own biography and portrait:

  • Pirate
  • Deuyivan
  • Automaton
  • Virtual Endless

6 new Exploration Rewards

Pool of heroes is refreshed - reset or replace [G2G]

Unveil surrounding systems [G2G]

4 boost (industry or approval)


  • Add-On introduction and illustration
  • Victory warnings alert messages
  • Improved blockade effects: now activated on guard and invasion only
  • New scrapping button for unnecessary improvements on the Empire view
  • Tax rate tooltip in the Empire view

Reworked game speed effects:

  • Outpost are converted into colony in 15 turns (fast), 30 turns (normal), 45 turns (slow)
  • Ownership progresses 2x faster in fast and 2x slower in slow
  • Bushido, revenge and other traits linked to a turn limit are now bind to the game speed
  • Locust point limit is now affected by the game speed
  • Invasion progress is multiplied by 2 in fast and divided by 2 in slow
  • Max Invasion Limit is now 50% in fast and 12% in slow


  • Option to allow AI governors to auto-scrap buildings
  • Enhanced hero management
  • Better affinity and faction traits management


  • Fixed an issue with hero commander class skill tree that could lead to misunderstanding
  • Fixed an issue with hero pilot class skill tree that could lead to misunderstanding
  • Change influence calculation to fix the bad value of the income applied during the first turn


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