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Entwined PS4 Gameplay - Have a look at the game's first level

Matt Gardner
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Entwined PS4 Gameplay - Have a look at the game's first level

Entwined proved to be a very pleasant surprise at this year's Sony E3 presser. Described as an interactive musing on love, Entwined sees players controlling two flying origami creatures -- an orange fish and a blue bird -- simultaneously, with an analog stick apiece, guiding the creatures through series of colour-matched gates that move in increasingly complex patterns.

"It's a game about two souls that are in love, but can't be together," said creative director Dominic Robillard onstage during Sony's E3 press conference, and that's sorts of reflected in the playful design of the coloureful portals, which have players guiding the creatures around in spirals and loops, one feeding off of the other like some sort of aerial dance.

It's all incredibly pleasant and soothing, and reminds us an awful lot of Flower, which is no bad thing. It's quite short, though, and we'd suggest you check out our review coming later today before slapping down £6.49. In the meantime, however, above is a little gameplay video look at the first of the game's nine levels.

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