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Epic Games Would "Love" To Release Gears Of War Every Year, Shows Off New Tech

Felix Kemp
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Epic Games Would "Love" To Release Gears Of War Every Year, Shows Off New Tech

Epic Games would "love" to annualize the Gears of War franchise, according to vice president, Mark Rein, who told the best videogame site on the net - not including us! - that if he "felt we could do it justice, who wouldn't want to have a yearly Gears of War?" Well, for starters, me; and a few million others I expect, but Rein went on to explain it's not likely such a development will occur, because Epic are "not that big a studio". Rein had just wrapped up a closed-door presentation detailing the latest iteration of his company's Unreal Engine 3, which he hopes will power the next generation of games.

So what exactly did Epic show behind those closed doors? Well, details are scarce as whoever entered was sworn to secrecy, probably by a burly dude dressed as Marcus Fenix, chomping on a cigar and resting a Lancer rifle on his shoulder. We do, however, have some screenshots; and they're good. Too good, in fact. I seriously doubt we'll see a next-generation leap akin to the PS2 to the PS3, for example, what with Move and Kinect helping Sony and Microsoft to realize that brute force processing power isn't the only option for sustaining profits.

Epic clarified that the new Unreal Engine was a "vision of what we should be able to do", and boasted of the engine's ability to go from the "iPhone right up to the most ass-kicking PC you can buy". However, despite Epic's presence at Sony's recent showing for their new portable console, don't expect to the Unreal Engine on the 3DS any time soon. Rein told Joystiq, "If we felt it could run the Unreal Engine, we'd be on the 3DS". Translation? It can't.

Dialing back to his talk with Eurogamer, Rein went on to explain that Activision's annualized success with Call of Duty proved releasing a game every year wouldn't weaken its impact. "I've been pretty happy with each Call of Duty game", he stated, before coming out in support of perhaps the industry's greatest publishing villain: Bobby Kotick. "He seems like a really nice guy", according to Rein, "he seemed very smart". [Eurogamer]

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