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Epic Games: NGP Will Be "Ridiculously Compelling"

Jonathan Lester
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Dual Thumbsticks Are The Key

Epic Games: NGP Will Be "Ridiculously Compelling"

No-one can accuse Sony of failing to court serious triple-A third party support for their anticipated NGP handheld, and Epic Games have bodily jumped onto the bandwagon ever since the device was announced. According to Epic boss Mark Rein, the NGP will offer "ridiculously compelling" games experiences... not because of the silly motion control stuff and rear trackpad, but simply due to its all-important second thumbstick. Oh, and its unprecedented processing power.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Epic VP Mark Rein states that the NGP's second thumbstick is its most important design feature -  and that the "dualshock type controls" will allow it to offer the full fat gaming experiences that we crave from our favourite hobby. Apparently, it'll be "ridiculously compelling."

I love console game experiences. I love, love, love playing Gears of War, Call of Duty, Borderlands – I just love those kinds of games. And you really need the Dualshock type controls to do it effectively.

The NGP delivers it in spades. The ability to have another device that can now play these kinds of games really well – I’m using my thumbs here – is huge.

Rein reckons that the NGP will be worth buying even at a high price because it can fully emulate home console experiences, and suggests that any early doubts smack of unfounded cynicism. He likens any skepticism to the doubts over whether the iPad would be a success prior to its massively successful launch.

Yeah, I’m going to buy one. All I can ever do is speculate on what I think. That’s the trap people get caught in, saying ‘Well, I’d like one, but nobody else is going to buy one.’ No – you need to stop that sentence at ‘I’d like one.’

Who would have thought iPad could survive? Everybody poo-pooed the idea of iPad and they’ve sold over 15 million of them. It’s an indispensable part of your life now.”

Epic may be staunch supporters of the NGP even at this early stage, but they've dismissed Nintendo's 3DS out of hand thanks to its inability to support the Unreal Engine. Not to mention the lack of a second thumb pad. Here's hoping that Ninty can seriously up their all-important first party offerings to compensate for this potential weakness.

Right, it's time for you to get involved. Are you excited about the NGP? Has Mark Rein convinced you to start saving up? Or will you be grabbing the 3DS later this month and hedging your bets? Have your say in the comments!

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