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Epic: Gears 3 Will End Marcus' Story, "The Gears Universe will live on"

Jonathan Lester
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Epic: Gears 3 Will End Marcus' Story, "The Gears Universe will live on"

Gears Of War 2 was a great game in almost every respect. The chainsaws were bigger, the melee kills were messier and the scope of the singleplayer campaign was unprecedented. Unfortunately the same can't be said of the story, which delivered no answers and just a whole heap of extra bonus questions. Epic has now spoken out to confirm that Gears Of War 3 will draw the curtain on Marcus' storyline... but that the franchise itself will live on after the credits roll. Oh, and there definitely won't be a cliffhanger ending.

Speaking to CVG, executive producer Rod Fergusson has stated that the Gears universe will persist after the end of Gears 3, but that Marcus Fenix's personal story will be brought to a satisfying conclusion.

We're not blowing up the world so Sera and the Gears universe will live on but for us we didn't want to betray our customers and community by having a cliff-hanger ending where you're like 'argh I just got duped, now I've gotta wait until the next game'.

We wanted to have closure, we wanted people to have some satisfaction that they were along for this ride and they lived through a story. We're not going to reveal everything because we want some mystique left in our universe, but this is the Marcus Fenix story and people should feel satisfied after playing through that.

Thank God for that, frankly. In terms of gameplay, Fergusson suggested that Gears 3 will deliver "thousands of hours" of value and the most comprehensive suite of gameplay modes ever seen in a Gears Of War title.

We're bringing the biggest campaign with ever made, we're bring Horde, we're bringing Beast, we're bringing a really deep multiplayer with rewards and unlocks and thousands of hours of gameplay.

Big promises for a big franchise. We'll be keeping an eagle eye on this one.

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Sam  Apr. 5, 2011 at 13:08

Golly gosh. I am so excited about this storyline ending. I'm sure it will be really noteworthy, like the rest of the story in 1 and 2. That's why I bought Gears. For the story.

Kev  Apr. 6, 2011 at 07:46

I enjoyed Gears 1, heck even played it throu' 3 times to get all the gubbins.

Gears 2, left me feeling very Meh, oh great another tunnel. Oh look another cave system. Did the developers get lazy? I know I must of done becuase I never completed it.


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