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Epic Mickey

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Epic Mickey
  • Wii from £ 7.39

Epic Mickey | £14.99 | Bee.com | Wii

Carl Phillips
Disney Interactive, Junction Point Studios, Platform games, Platformers, Wii games
Epic Mickey | Wii

Epic Mickey | £14.99 | Bee.com | Wii

10 years ago I would have laughed at you if you’d told me Warren Spector, creator of Deus Ex, was going to make a game based on Disney’s famous mouse, but here we are. The offer from Bee for the Wii platformer will save you almost £3 in comparison to the next cheapest offer coming from Zavvi and The Hut. With the price falling below the £15 mark, is Mickey’s paintbrush adventure worth a look? Reports suggest that despite its poor camera angles, as well as it not necessarily being the best platformer available on the Wii, it’s still an entertaining and charming title, and one that it worth the price of admission with this deal. Thanks to goonertillidie @ HUKD!