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Epic shows off Unreal Engine 4 with free Flappy Bird clone

Jonathan Lester
Epic Games, Unreal Engine 4

Epic shows off Unreal Engine 4 with free Flappy Bird clone

Unreal Tournament is set to become the perfect tech demo for Unreal Engine 4, but an Epic Games programmer has decided to show off the scalability of their next-gen engine with... Flappy Bird?

Say hello to Tappy Chicken.

The free game is now available on iOS and Google Play, with a browser version incoming. A single Epic artist with ostensibly no programming experience whatsoever slapped the project together in order to demonstrate that UE4 is more than a graphical powerhouse: it's also immensely scalable too.

"Tappy Chicken is the perfect showcase for the ease of use and flexibility of Unreal Engine 4," Epic explains. "While it may not flex the full graphical muscle of the engine, it shows how almost anyone can make a fun and pretty game fit for mobile devices and web browsers."

I daresay that most of us will be more excited about Unreal Tournament, or perhaps the official sequel to Flappy Bird that Dong Nguyen plans to release in due course, but it's a neat reminder that Epic are making a big play for more than just high-end PCs and next-gen consoles. Should Unity be worried? [via VG247]

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