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ESRB Rating Reveals Combat And Swearing In Alice: Madness Returns

Matt Gardner
Alice: Madness Returns, American McGee, ESRB, News, Spicy Horse
Alice: Madness Returns

ESRB Rating Reveals Combat And Swearing In Alice: Madness Returns

The ESRB has issued a rating report on American McGee's Alice: Madness Returns, detailing gory combat with kitchen utensils and language that would turn a Victorian governess pale as a ghoul. There are a few mini-spoilers in terms of gameplay elements in the report, but nothing really plot-wise.

The report, published by Siliconera yesterday, reveals a few enemy types in Spicy Horse's upcoming game, as well as a couple of methods for dispatching them:

This is an action-adventure game in which players assume the role of Alice Little, an asylum patient attempting to understand her past while struggling with an unbalanced psyche. As they traverse between the real world and Alice’s imagination (i.e., Wonderland), players use pepper grinders, knives, and other weapons to attack fantastical enemies (e.g., trolls, puppets, living teapots, doll-like creatures) in melee-style combat.

Battles are accompanied by cries of pain, slashing sounds, and large splashes of blood that stain Alice’s body and the ground. Some enemies can be decapitated, and certain attacks cause them to explode into pieces; in one sequence, young doll-like characters are depicted with bloody wounds that expose their brains.

During the course of the game, the dialogue contains occasional references to prostitution (e.g., 'I saw you down at the bloody whore house,' 'Where'd she be without me? On the streets selling her backside,' and 'Where’s me money?'/'Get those fat-a*s whores out on the street...'). The words 'f**k' and 'c*nt' can be heard in dialogue.

Rest assured, it's going to be pretty messed up, and with puppets and dolls on the list of adversaries, chances are you'll never watch Toy Story in quite the same way again.

Alice: Madness Returns is out on PC, PS3 and X360 in June, the BBFC have slapped a 15-rating on it and we'll be snaffling a closer look at it later this week, so watch this space. [Thanks, Destructoid]

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ODB  Apr. 4, 2011 at 12:17

Any plans to release the original on consoles? Had a mate at uni who swore this was the best game ever


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