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ESRB: Soul Calibur V Contains "Large Amounts Of Jiggling cleavage"

Jonathan Lester
ESRB, Fighting Games, Project Soul, Soul Calibur V

ESRB: Soul Calibur V Contains "Large Amounts Of Jiggling cleavage"

Business As Usual, Then

The Soul Calibur franchise isn't exactly known for its subtle and nuanced portrayal of its female characters, and it seems that the upcoming iteration won't make an exception. The ESRB have given Soul Calibur V a Teen rating due to the "large amounts of jiggling cleavage" and "portions" of buttocks displayed by some of the costumes - as well as the ability to "augment" breast and buttock size in the character creation suite. And then "manipulate the camera to zoom in on their bodies," apparently.

Ken Levine would not approve.

The listing also suggests that Ezio will probably have access to his hidden gun as a useable weapon, and there'll also be a bit of bad language to contend with. Look out for it on February 2nd.

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Late  Jan. 4, 2012 at 16:06


ShaunnyB  Jan. 5, 2012 at 11:39

I never understood why Namco steered this great series into the direction of the gutter when it didn't need to. We already have DOA, so the extra tot is just a distraction from the action. I used to love using Ivy until her boobs got in the way of my fighting. That, and her irritating new stances, which show her boobs or ass at the best angle. Now I prefer Cassandra, Sophita or Xianghua... and sometimes Taki, though her boobs have always bounced, so I'm used to them now!


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