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Eurocom Closes After 25 Years

Carl Phillips
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Eurocom Closes After 25 Years

All Jobs Lost As UK Developer Enters Administration

It has been confirmed that even after reducing by 150 people last month, Derby-based developer Eurocom has been unable to make ends meet and entered administration this morning. As a result, the remaining 50 people that were still on staff have been made redundant, ending 25 years of trading.

In a statement issued to Eurogamer this afternoon, it was revealed that despite intervention from HMRC to try and keep the company in business, which included “generous tax credits”, negotiations to secure new contracts for projects, which in turn would acquire the funds needed to pay outstanding wages, failed to yield any positive results. This ultimately meant that the remaining staff were let go earlier today. The statement went on to blame “a steep decline in the sales of Console and PC Games.”

“Whilst this is unfortunately the end of the established Eurocom business, efforts are continuing behind the scenes to attract interested parties to Derby in order to help fill the void left by Eurocom,” Administrator Dean Nelson of Smith Cooper said in the statement. “We are still hopeful that there will in the future be a specialist software business operating in Derby in place of Eurocom, but the focus will be completely different and therefore this is sadly the end of the console games development business.”

While it is an absolute crying shame that 2012 will end with yet another UK developer closing, we can’t help but feel that it was always going to be the case considering that their final game, 007 Legends, was universally panned by critics (including us) for its flawed execution in almost every area. That said, Eurocom have made some enjoyable James Bond titles over the years, and we here at Dealspwn wish the very best to everyone affected by today's closure. [Eurogamer]

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StolenDiagram  Dec. 7, 2012 at 15:35

If they want to blame something for their closure they should try themselves before their customers. If their games weren't on average terrible then maybe they'd sell more. Their Golden eye remake was the best thing they came out with in years, maybe longer and that wasn't perfect. If you try and remake a perfect game like that then you need to better it. They took a risk and it shot them in the foot.

Hopefully the staff find new jobs in the industry, but only after committing to making far far better games!

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