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Eurogamer Expo 2011: Quotes From The Crowd

Matt Gardner
Eurogamer Expo 2011, Public opinion

Eurogamer Expo 2011: Quotes From The Crowd

Eurogamer Expo has never really been about breaking news or hot press events. Instead it's all about giving members of the public hands-on time with upcoming games and recent releases. You are the most important people, in a very real way this one's for you. We get to voice our opinion all of the time, over the last few days we thought we'd let the Expo's attendees take the stage as well. We took to the show floor in amongst spare moments, gauging opinion and finding out what the crowds made of the games on offer.

We asked a few questions to the guys and girls we spoke too asking them which games they were excited for, what their highlights of the show had been, what they did and didn't like about this year's show and what they thought of this year's centrepiece: OnLive. We'll have our own write-ups, previews and a massive OnLive blowout coming up very soon, but for the moment here are a bunch of quick quotes from the showfloor of Eurogamer Expo 2011.

Which Games Have Most Impressed You?

Eurogamer Expo 2011: Quotes From The Crowd

'Just played Battlefield 3, so excited for that. Have always loved it over any other shooter really. Glad to see that finally it seems EA are putting some big money behind. I'd love it if Call of Duty got taken down a peg or two!' - Brian, Brighton.

'Battlefield and COD can suck it! All about Halo once again baby!' - Ranesh, London.

'There's only one shooter I'm interested in this winter and that's RAGE. id own this shit, man. No-one can touch them. They invented the shooter.' - Patrice, Salisbury.

'Give me Skyrim now! 20 minutes is not enough. I need it. You don't understand. I need it!' - Lucy, Colchester.

'Dark Souls is the shit!'

'Nah, man, it's all about Skyrim.'

'Skyrim's got nothing on Dark Souls. It separates the men from the boys.'

'It's fucking crap!'

'You bailed after five seconds!'

- A heated RPG debate between Dion and Amir

'Final Fantasy XIII-2! Wooooooo' - The Giggling Girls.

'Can I say GoldenEye? I loved playing that again.' - Mike, Edinburgh.

'Is Prey 2 just Mirror's Edge mixed with Blade Runner? Because that's what it looked like. And that's awesome!' - Sara, Manchester.

'Forza 4 is looking gorgeous.' - Leo, Birmingham.

'Counter-Strike brought it all back, dude. I didn't even realise it was gonna be here. The queue kinda made it like a mini arena, it was brilliant! Valve are gods!' - Gaz, Guildford.

What Was Your Highlight Of The Show?

Eurogamer Expo 2011: Quotes From The Crowd

'Playing with the Vita was really cool. Comparing it to a 3DS, it just blew it out of the water, man. I love my DS, but the games they've got for the Vita look amazing. Plus you've got to have that extra stick, it makes all of the difference. Just need a release date now, right?!' - Eric, Bristol.

'I've got to be honest, my highlight of the day was probably the retro corner. I'll definitely be checking out the Replay show up in Blackpool in November. We were chatting to one of the staff and they tell us it's going to be huge. Can't wait!' - Steve, Croydon.

'To be honest, nothing on main floor really interested me at all. I kind of know what games I'm going to buy, like I know I'll get Mass Effect 3 and I know I'll buy Uncharted 3, but I loved the developer sessions. There were some really cool things in there that I hadn't even heard of, likePrey 2. Where the hell did that come from?!' - David, London.

'That eye-movement control stuff that was going on at the Special Effect stand was really cool. I'd never really heard of them before, but they're great! - Freddie, Newcastle.

'Loved the developer demos, liked the fact that the crowd cheered and laughed too. can't wait for Uncharted 3 now.' - Francis, Hackney.

You Can't Please Everyone

Eurogamer Expo 2011: Quotes From The Crowd

'They've had how long to put this thing together? Could at least have started it ontime.' - Rachel, Bromley.

'I don't why we have to go all the way back downstairs and up again [for developer sessions]. Not one has been more than two-thirds full!' - Kel, Bradford.

'I queued for ages for Star Wars: The Old Republic and it was shit.' - Steve, Croydon.

'I asked this stunning girl from World of Tanks what it was all about and I just don't think she had a clue at all. Eye candy's all very well, but I wanted to find out about the game! - Mick, Crawley.

'I was really disappointed that the developer sessions I went to skipped out on the Q and A. That was the best bit last year!' - Amy, Manchester.

Reactions To OnLive

Eurogamer Expo 2011: Quotes From The Crowd

'OnLive sounds amazing, though I still have absolutely no idea how the hell it works!' - Alex, Basingstoke.

'Tried out OnLive today, worked really nicely. Not sure it would do the business with my internet connection back home, though. We'll see in a few hours.' - Tom, Cardiff.

'I love their demo ideas...being able to try out the first half-hour of any game you want is really cool.' - Rich, London.

'Will Modern Warfare 3 be on there?' - Mika, Sweden.

'I got four t-shirts, a couple of badges, a mini tank and a new console today! Thank you OnLive!' - Jace, Durham.

'We were chatting to a few of the OnLive guys and it's amazing. Fucking mindblowing, can't wait to try it out.' - Trey, Birmingham.

'I don't trust it. Everyone's saying it's great, but I like having games that I own.' - Mike, Edinburgh.

'Well giving these things [OnLive consoles] away for free is a good start. It lets people try it out for themselves. Plus free stuff is always good. Normally all I come away with is a poster!' - Miranda, York.

Thanks to everyone who gave us a little bit of their time! We hope you all had a cracking time!

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