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EVE and DUST 514 Servers Back Online After DDOS Attack

Carl Phillips
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EVE and DUST 514 Servers Back Online After DDOS Attack

Issues Finally Resolved, No Customer Data Compromised

Those who were looking forward to getting involved into the virtual galaxy of New Eden this weekend were left disappointed after a DDOS attack on the servers that operate both EVE Online and Dust 514 caused outages for both games. Although the attack happened in the early hours of Sunday morning, the servers remained offline until 11:30am this morning.

In a post on the official Facebook page, developers CCP explained why both of their online titles were not playable, as well as their plan of action due to the attack:

At 02:05 GMT June 2nd, CCP became aware of a significant and sustained distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS) against the Tranquility cluster (which houses EVE Online and DUST 514) and web servers.

Our policy in such cases is to mobilize a taskforce of internal and external experts to evaluate the situation. At 03:07 GMT, that group concluded that our best course of action was to go completely offline while we put in place mitigation plans.

Several updates were issued via social media platforms, but the all clear was finally given some 33 hours after the outage began by Chief Operating Officer CCP Speilmann.

What we can now confirm is that a person was able to utilize a vulnerability in one of the back-end services that support the operation of the Tranquility server. This vulnerability has now been secured and thoroughly tested.

We would like to stress that at no time was customer data compromised or accessible in any way.

The effort of returning the complex server structure of the EVE Universe and associated websites to service in a methodical and highly-scrutinized fashion began hours ago and Tranquility has now been brought online (at 10:13 UTC). Our teams will monitor the situation carefully in the coming hours to ensure that our services are accessible and that all customer data remains secure.

The post goes on to state that compensation for players affected by the outage was being looked into and would be announced “very soon.” You can read the statement in full here.

The timing of the attack has been rather unfortunate with the next expansion for EVE Online, Odyssey, scheduled for release tomorrow, but on top of this it has also affected Dealspwn’s efforts to review the Free-To-Play online shooter Dust 514. With the servers back up we shall be jumping back into the fray as soon as we can, and hope to bring you our opinions on the ambitious PS3 exclusive very soon.

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