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EVE Online Convenes Player Council To End Virtual Goods Furore

Jonathan Lester
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CCP Denies Gold Ammo & Unbalancing Accusations

EVE Online Convenes Player Council To End Virtual Goods Furore

If you've been paying attention to the cut-throat politics and labrynthine intrigue of EVE Online, the MMO space sim, you'll doubtlessly be aware that the entire universe has been rocked by the addition of player avatars and a host of pay-per-download vainity items. Many subscribers believe that these items are the first step towards completely unbalancing the experience - and in a bold move, CCP has decided to convene the player-elected Council of Stellar Management to discuss the future of the franchise... and how these new features will "evolve". See below for the full details.

In the latest EVE Insider blog post, Senior Producer Hrafn Gylfason addresses the huge furore over the avatar vanity items, and states that the Council Of Stellar Management will meet at the end of the month to work out their plans for the future. This trusted cabal of real players should help to provide a balanced and reasonable end to the controversy, and it 's great to see subscribers being given control over the future of their beloved MMO (that they created after CCP provided the framework, after all).

I see it's clear we need to strengthen the deep mutual trust and respect that's been so unique and descriptive of our relationship. There are certain questions you want answered and there isn't room for more error in our communication on those topics or our perception of the root causes.

Therefore we have asked the CSM to join us in Iceland for an extraordinary meeting June 30th and July 1st to discuss the events of past week, to help us define and address the real underlying concerns, and to assist us in defining and iterating on our virtual goods strategy.

However, Gylfason was also keen to stress that allegations of unbalancing the mechanics in favour of players who decide to spend extra money - and the rumoured addition of premium "gold" ammunition - are completely unfounded. Apparently this was just an incorrect rumour that got out of hand in the community newsletter.

Just to prove the point of the Fearless newsletter and give you a further understanding of what it is then there are no and never have been plans to sell "gold ammo" for Aurum. In Fearless people are arguing a point, which doesn't even have to be their view, they are debating an issue. This is another example of how information out of context is no information at all.

We'll let you know what the CSM and CCP decides in early July.

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Emma Kelly  Jun. 27, 2011 at 15:21

Oh I've heard nothing but Eve this and Eve that for the last week (from my other half). Huge furore over this one...

Matthew  Jun. 27, 2011 at 17:12

Ooh, the CSM, well that'll solve it all then.

Jonathan Lester  Jun. 27, 2011 at 17:35

It's better than nothing. Ideally CCP need to hold a full referendum... but they'll need to come up with some options. Convening the CSM is probably the best way of doing just that - as well as demonstrating that player input actually matters to them.


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