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EVE Online: Massive In-Game Heist Sees Spy Destroy Corporation, Make Billions Of ISK

Jonathan Lester
CCP, Drama, EVE Online, MMO

EVE Online: Massive In-Game Heist Sees Spy Destroy Corporation, Make Billions Of ISK

EVE Online is one of the most brilliant and terrifying games ever developed, because it's almost completely run by player-driven corporations and full of real human drama. The latest major disasterpiece comes in the form of a single player managing to take down one of these corporations from within before making off with billions of in-game currency.

Bear in mind that all of this is 100% legal, happened within the confines of the game itself, required no hacking, wasn't an exploit and simply came down to genuine clever espionage and manipulation of the in-game stock market.

As reported by PCGamesN, a spy became a major player in the S2N Holdings corporation, and used his position to quietly steal shares over a lengthy period of time. He then managed to affect a shareholder vote - so being a majority shareholder, was able to all but disband the massive company and make away with hundreds of billions of ISK (EVE Online's in-game currency, enough to buy a terrifying armada) along with numerous war assets and even space stations belonging to the firm. What's left of S2N is in the process of recapturing and reconquering the remnants of their empire, having mobilised their fleets to ward off opportunistic vultures who could seize the opportunity to move in.

Fascinating stuff, worthy of any HBO serial. More details are, as mentioned, available on PCGamesN.

We feel for the capsulers ripped off by this bold move and wish them the best of luck in reclaiming their territory, but we can't help but admire a game that gives players the freedom to pull off stunts like this. EVE Online is still going strong after a decade of drama and conquest, bolstered by the mediocre Dust 514 tie-in, but for many it will be too profoundly terrifying to try.

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X10  Jul. 3, 2013 at 14:52

That is pretty awesome stuff, and kudos to whoever did that.
I wonder if they're looking to plan some sort of galactic assault and destroy everyone in there path!?

JonLester  Jul. 3, 2013 at 15:04

Right? I feel badly for the S2N guys, but on the other hand, I absolutely love it when stuff like this goes down in EVE.

It happens much more often than you'd think, actually. Can't think of any other game that gives players freedom to operate however they want and build their own empires (not to mention space battles involving literally thousands of combatants...).

Last edited by JonLester, Jul. 3, 2013 at 15:05
X10  Jul. 3, 2013 at 15:17

Yes absolutely! I feel for the people that have lost something in this "Coup d'état", it must utterly suck, but that's the kind of game they signed up for, and I love that.
I remember playing Freelancer thinking about all the awesome things you could do if only the game were that little bit more fleshed out, but EVE Online lets you do all that it would seem, it's pretty vast.
I wonder how the Robert's Space Industries game will compare and will we get this kind of space opera-esque gameplay.

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