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Evidence Mounts For Dead Space 3 E3 Reveal

Jonathan Lester
Dead Space 3, E3 2012, EA, Rumour, Visceral Games

Evidence Mounts For Dead Space 3 E3 Reveal

A screenshot, logo and graphic novel teaser seemed to have surfaced for Dead Space 3, with a countdown site pointing to an E3 reveal.

The official Dead Space site currently plays host to a mysterious short film (presented in a graphic novel style) and a timer written in an alien language, which reportedly points towards the EA E3 press conference next Monday when translated. So far, we know that something Dead Space-related will be going down. Check it out below.

However, the net has tightened on the increasingly-leaked Dead Space 3 thanks to a logo and screenshot hitting the internet (via VG247, screenshot above). Likely taken from an imminent Game Informer reveal or prematurely ripped from the official site, these two images are likely all the proof we need of Isaac's last adventure making its official debut next week.

Evidence Mounts For Dead Space 3 E3 Reveal

Of course, this isn't the first we've heard of Dead Space 3. The screenshot appears to confirm the leaked setting - the ice planet Tau Volantis  - suggesting that the rest of the plot and gameplay details may well be on the money. If so, we can expect drop-in cooperative play to feature in the horror sequel. We'll find out soon enough.

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