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From The Evils Of Pre-Owned Games To Humble Indie Success - News Roundup 12th May 2010

Matt Gardner
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Pre-Owned Games Condemned As A Bigger Threat To Consoles Than Piracy

From The Evils Of Pre-Owned Games To Humble Indie Success - News Roundup 12th May 2010

Talking to Develop, Blitz's Andrew Oliver has suggest that the pre-owned games market represents a far greater threat to the industry than piracy:

'Arguably the bigger problem on consoles now is the trading in of games,' he said. 'I understand why players do this. Games are expensive, and after a few weeks of playing you’ve either beaten it, or got bored of it so trading it back in to help pay for the next seems sensible when people are short of cash [...but] money going back up the chain is a fraction of what it was only a few years ago. This is a much bigger problem than piracy on the main consoles.' [VG247]

It would seem that Oliver is not the only one to think so either. This week sees the introduction of the EA Sports Online Pass, a scheme that will force gamers playing used copies of EA Sports games to pay a $10 fee if they want to access online features. It might seem like daylight robbery to you and me but EA appear to think otherwise:

'We think it’s a great idea, we think it’s going to build our business, and we think it’s a positive consumer experience,' said EA CEO John Riccitello. 'Invariably, the consumer is getting a boat load more content to experience than they otherwise would.'

Just when we thought EA had turned their backs on Machiavellian machinations comes along this kick in the teeth to rebalance the status quo. I suppose they had to do something; after all, Activision were nicking all of the headlines with their dastardly behaviour. Couldn't have that, now could they? [VG247]

Four Player Co-op Coming To Bad Company 2 & More EA Smack Talk

From The Evils Of Pre-Owned Games To Humble Indie Success - News Roundup 12th May 2010

Speaking of rivalries with Activision, Riccitello also laid out his aims for taking back the shooter crown from the boys who published Modern Warfare 2:

'[W]e're not going to be happy until we've taken the leadership back in the first-person shooter category. [...]The tip of the spear is the combination of Battlefield: Bad Company and Medal of Honor," said Riccitello. "So we fully expect [Medal of Honor] to be a succesful title this year [...] we've made great strides with Battlefield: Bad Company, and we expect to make further strides with Medal of Honor, and we have strong plans for years to come. This is an important strategic priority inside of our company, taking market share precisely here." [1UP]

If they can get the jump on Treyarch this winter then it might just work. Regardless, fans of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will be stoked to hear that the game will be getting a four player co-op mode entitled 'Onslaught'. 'Coming soon' to XBL and the PSN (although, it appears, not yet to PC) there will be four maps to choose from - Valparaiso, Atacama Desert, Isla Innocentes and Nelson Bay - and, according to Eurogamer, each map will have a different focus, be it vehicular combat, infantry operations etc. Not convinced? Check out our review here.

Humble Indie Bundle Story Has A Happy Ending

From The Evils Of Pre-Owned Games To Humble Indie Success - News Roundup 12th May 2010

Yesterday you might have noticed that Jon got fairly angry and unleashed his fury on those pirates too pathetic to even pay a measly 1 cent for PC deal package extraordinaire The Humble Indie Bundle. However, now that the red mist has subsided somewhat, we can bring y'all the good news, and it's pretty awesome indeed.

  • Since its release, the Humble Indie Bundle has made over $1 million!!!
  • $334,646 is to be split between the charities Child's Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation!
  • Around $650,000 will be split between the indie developers!

To echo the sentiments of many who commented on this piece, I find this all incredibly encouraging and hopefully we can focus on this success rather than the minority of thieves. Tying in to Felix's recent article about games being victimised by the media, we should be trumpeting this from rooftops. After all, five little PC games just raised a third of a million dollars for charity in a week! I wonder if Alan Titchmarsh has ever done that. [Kotaku]

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CompactDistance  May. 12, 2010 at 19:11

I don't mind this, it's likely to push the prices of used games down and I only buy them for the single player anyway.

Matt Gardner  May. 12, 2010 at 23:21

It sets a slightly worrying precedent though.

I feel a Game Buzz topic coming on...

Gunn  May. 13, 2010 at 14:01

Disagree with the principal of making a product worth less after first use, value is already lost due to it being used. If people don't make as much selling their completed games then they clearly won't buy new ones as often. I think the pre-owned market is what helps keep the system ticking over.

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