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Evoland now just £1.74 over on Steam

Matt Gardner
Evoland, Indie Games, PC games, RPGs, Shiro Games, Steam

Evoland now just £1.74 over on Steam

Evoland | £1.74 | Steam | Evoland Review

Originally conceived and created by Nicolas Cannasse for a Ludum Dare contest, Evoland is a truly curious little game. It's short, sweet, and through its 5-7 hour running time it takes the player on a journey through the history of role-playing games - from the action-oriented stylings of The Legend of Zelda to the turn-based shenanigans of Final Fantasy.

It's also super cheap on Steam right now, and you can save 75% on the regular price and snaffle it up for under two quid.

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Zeipher  Apr. 8, 2014 at 22:40

Heard this game was short, but 5-6 hours seems a decent length to me. Isn't the Call of Duty campaign about that length?


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