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Evolve now £19.95 on PC - now the price is starting to match the content

Jonathan Lester
Evolve, FPS, PC games

Evolve now £19.95 on PC - now the price is starting to match the content

"Evolve is a handsome, smart and hectic eat 'em up that's surprisingly difficult to recommend," I wrote in our Evolve review.

"What could have been an underground smash as a budget download has been spread thin to justify a AAA price, leading to grave concerns about its glacial progression, value, longevity and DLC strategy. Though still utterly fantastic under optimal conditions, Evolve asks far too much for an inconsistently enjoyable experience."

Its ridiculous price was half the problem... but at £19.99 Evolve makes a much more persuasive argument. Get it here.

Use the Facebook voucher code for the extra discount, via the widget at the top of the store page. Note that the player base seems to be decreasing quickly, though.

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Tsung  Mar. 10, 2015 at 12:48

Is it too late already?

I just checked Steam stats; it's 54th in the list of games by player count. With just a peak of 4000 players worldwide, and currently sitting about the 2.3k mark.

The publishers did it wrong, they released at a crazy high price, included a metric ton of paid DLC and Season pass options. It put me (and a lot of my friends) off from the start. Even with silly discounts I'll wait for the final complete GOTY edition thanks.

JonLester  Mar. 10, 2015 at 12:53

To be frank, I think you're right. I pointed out the woeful Steam stats in a recent post (after Rbourne linked me to them), and though there's always some drop-off after a game's launch, it seems that the ridiculous RRP and confusing player base segregation via all the different editions took its toll.

Shame, because at £19.95, it's actually pretty easy to recommend. The game makes sense at this sort of price, as a budget download, not a AAA game asking way too much for far too little.

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