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Evolve Survival Guide: Goliath Edition

Matt Gardner
2K Games, Evolve, FPS games, Turtle Rock Studios

Evolve Survival Guide: Goliath Edition

Yesterday we took a look at a handful of tips that would serve would-be hunters well in Turtle Rock's upcoming multiplayer FPS -- Evolve. But what about the one player not on that team? What about the lone wolf playing the part of monster? Well, we thought we'd deliver a few pointers to those of you who are going to look to take down the fearsome foursome as the monster, based on our hands-on time with Evolve.

Therefore, without further ado, here's the Evolve Survival Guide: Goliath Edition.

1. Choose your powers wisely

Evolve Survival Guide: Goliath Edition

You start the round by choosing two out of four powers on offer: a rock throw, fire breath, charge, and an aerial slam. We were advised that the rock throw and the fire breath are often the best choice for the early game (you can unlock the other abilities as you evolve), because you're not enormously powerful to the begin with, and therefore ranged powers can give you something of an advantage. The fire breath in particular is handy for chasing down creatures to feed upon.

2. RUN!

Evolve Survival Guide: Goliath Edition

It might seem a little odd that the first tip, once you get into the game is RUN! but it makes perfect sense. You have a ten-second headstart to essentially leg it over to the other side of the map. You're not particularly powerful at this point, and you only have half of your powers. The early game for the monster is all about putting as much distance between them and you, and giving yourself time to feed. Little groups of creatures will glow yellow, and if you can kill them (it only takes a couple of swipes of your epic rancor hands) then you can stuff them into your face to boost your growth, eventually giving you the chance to evolve. Evolution takes several seconds, though, and you're completely defenceless during the process, so you need to make sure that you've given yourself enough time, and preferably found somewhere high-up to reach the next level.

3. Cover your tracks

Evolve Survival Guide: Goliath Edition

The team of hunters will track you by following your glowing footprints, but there are a few ways to mix up the trail and buy yourself some more time to feast and feed and build yourself up so you can evolve and become more powerful. Long jumps are the best method of breaking up the tracks, but you have to be mindful that a jump length is dependent on your angle of vision. Pointing your first-person camera at a 45-degree angle to the horizontal will yield the best results in terms of jump length and height, and so perfecting your getaway should be a priority. Also look out for water features such as ponds and streams as you won't leave tracks in water and can use waterways to lose your pursuers.

4. Look out for birds

Evolve Survival Guide: Goliath Edition

Flocks of birds are likely to be your undoing in the early game. Stomping your way past them is a sure-fire way of attracting some unwanted attention as the noise they make when they squawk and scatter will show up on the HUDs on the hunters and immediately give away your position. Avian assemblies are easy enough to spot, though frantic running is likely to mean you miss one or two, so proceed quickly but carefully.

5. Kill the Medic first

Evolve Survival Guide: Goliath Edition

As we explained yesterday, the Medic is the most important character simply because she's the only one who can undo the damage you dish out. You'll want to steer clear of the Assault class as much as possible, but the Medic should be your primary target. Hunters can afford to be fairly brazen if they have a competent Medic in their team, but the minute that the Medic goes down, you have an opening to dish out as much unanswerable damage as possible, and their tactics will have to change to respond to that shift. Ideally, you won't have engaged the group fully until you're at least at evolution stage 2, but if you see that Mobile Arena come down, make a beeline for the Medic. The Trapper will attempt to stop you with a succession of harpoon shots, butt hey can be broken fairly easily.

6. Don't be afraid to hide

Evolve Survival Guide: Goliath Edition

You might be a towering beast with hands the size of a car and a hide thicker than a bank vault's door, but sometimes it can pay to be a little discreet. The Goliath does have a stealth mode, whereby it can slink (as much as an slavering beast the size of a house can slink) through the undergrowth without leaving tracks and making noise. Several times during the preview session, hunters would slip by a monster taking refuge in the jungle's foliage, only to be caught with their pants down seconds later when a fully evolved Goliath broke cover and utterly destroyed them. Even fire-breathing behemoths can be sneaky.

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