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Ex-Last Guardian Producer Explains His Departure

Felix Kemp
Sony, Team Ico, The Last Guardian, Yoshifusa Hayama

Ex-Last Guardian Producer Explains His Departure

"We Need A Masterpiece In Facebook - That's My Goal"

The Last Guardian isn't having the most festive of December months, what with producer Yoshifusa Hayama first jumping ship, shortly followed by director Fumito Ueda. A sorry state of affairs, but here at Dealspwn we all hope the rest of Team Ico can rally together and successfully ship the game next year. But why did both Hayama and Ueda abandon their team and project? Well, Hayama has been speaking to Eurogamer, and told the site he left Ico to create "a masterpiece in Facebook".

"When I started making console games it was the same feeling," Hayama explains, in regards to his previous switch from arcade development to home consoles. "he entertainment industry is simple - the film industry is the same. No-one cared about video, but now it's all about DVD and Blu-ray. Markets always change - and I just don't want to join after the markets change."

According to Hayama, our market is "growing up, but we need that masterpiece". What masterpiece, you might ask? Well, Facebook's, of course. That's right; Hayama is on course to begin work on the Facebook game he hopes will make a defining impact on the social gaming market. "We need a masterpiece in Facebook - and that's my goal," he states.

And while he might no longer be affiliated with Team Ico or their projects such as The Last Guardian, Hayama was full of praise for his former team. "It's a great team," he said. "I still miss them and they're really nice people. I miss them and I miss everyone, and it's one of the greatest teams I've worked with." [Eurogamer]

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DivideByZero  Dec. 16, 2011 at 10:48


How to explain something in one character.


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