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Exodus From The Earth £2.99 @ 101CD & Affiliates [PC Games]

Jonathan Lester
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Exodus From The Earth £2.99 @ 101CD & Affiliates [PC Games]

It's likely that you've never heard of Exodus From The Earth. Developed and published by a practically-unknown Russian outfit, this FPS never really tripped the critical radar over here. However, their misfortune is now our gain: since the asking price has now been lowered to a wallet-friendly £2.99 by 101CD and their affiliates. This will save you a clear fiver compared to Play.com, as well as being £11 cheaper than Steam's offering.

Note that BlahDVD, Base and DVD.co.uk are also offering the same price... because they're essentially the same site.

Sometimes, I like to play a game that genuinely makes me think. A game that provides me with a deep storyline, relatable characters and a deep emotional reaction that stays with me for years. Usually, however, I just want to shoot bad guys in the face without being bogged down by RPG elements, stealth and heavy-handed symbolism... and that's exactly what Exodus From The Earth allows me do do.

The story and setting is actually too generic to be worth posting (seriously, it's not worth the wordcount), but Exodus makes up for its cliches by being an unapologetic and lean FPS with an emphasis on big dumb action and epic boss battles. Mechanically it's a solid and satisfying- with good pacing, an effective (if cliched) arsenal and straightforward gunslinging gameplay that I've genuinely been missing in an age of plot twists and allusions to modern culture.

That's not to say that Exodus From The Earth is a true hidden gem. Horrible jumping sections, inconsistent design decisions and some truly hilarious localisation make this game a cheap distraction rather than an Indie powerhouse... but hey, if you like shooting bad guys in the face, you could do a lot worse for £2.99.

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Yoda  Aug. 3, 2010 at 15:26

Check out the gameplay vid on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rJOLCWJTLc
Hilarious voice acting (if you can call it that) but that's one funky carwash!


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