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What we expect, want and need from tomorrow's Nintendo Direct

Jonathan Lester
Nintendo, Nintendo Direct

What we expect, want and need from tomorrow's Nintendo Direct

Nintendo have scheduled their first Direct presentation of 2015 for tomorrow at 2PM, promising "new announcements" about the Wii U and 3DS lineup. It's a great opportunity to start the year with a bang and directly show gamers what to look forward to over the coming 12 months.

Here's hoping that they seize the opportunity with both hands. We certainly have high hopes and modest expectations, so here's a roundup of what we expect, what we want and what we desperately crave from tomorrow's Nintendo Direct.

New 3DS: release date and EU price

What we expect, want and need from tomorrow's Nintendo Direct

This is likely going to be the headline news. The New 3DS sadly missed Christmas in the West, a frankly insane move, but at least we should hopefully learn when we can get our hands on the improved new handheld and how much we'll need to fork over for it.

You can read more about the New 3DS here, which makes numerous major additions and tweaks such as inbuilt Near-Field Comms, eye tracking 3D and a faster processor. Make mine an XL!

We'll also likely see some more details about Xenoblade Chronicles and Majora's Mask -- potentially with some more 'New 3DS' exclusives to boot. Or should that read "new New 3DS" exclusives? Ugh, my brain hurts. Nintendo's branding continues to amuse and astonish me, so hopefully there'll be a gorgeous Majora's Mask special edition that makes me forget all about it.

Imminent Wii U & 3DS games: trailers and release dates!

What we expect, want and need from tomorrow's Nintendo Direct

I wouldn't be surprised to see gameplay and details on the following upcoming titles...

  • Yoshi's New Island
  • Mario Maker
  • Splatoon
  • Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.
  • Mario Party 10

They're all tipped for release in Northern 2015 -- i.e. very soon! -- so it's time to lock them down.

See also: Do Call It A Comeback: The Wii U Games Of 2015!

Zelda & Star Fox tease?

What we expect, want and need from tomorrow's Nintendo Direct

Now we're going from 'dead cert' to 'flights of fancy,' but Nintendo would be mad not to capitalise on the excitement surrounding Zelda -- even if it's just a little tease designed to whip the fanbase into a frenzy.

Likewise, Star Fox is tipped to release this year, but we haven't seen even a single screenshot yet. So... let's see it please.

Nintendo will have to make sure that Zelda and Star Fox don't overshadow the impending games listed above, so short and sweet teasers are probably the way to go.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

What we expect, want and need from tomorrow's Nintendo Direct

Monster Hunter fans have suffered an excruciatingly long wait for Monster Hunter 4. Thankfully it's out in March Stateside and "early 2015" in Europe, so we'd dearly love Nintendo to make the most of one of their highest-profile collaborations. Or, at the very least, dangle it in front of Vita owners.

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem?!

Just mention it, Nintendo. Mention it and I will lose my sh*t.

More indie support

Nintendo are slowly but surely becoming a more indie-friendly company, and are improving at working with developers to get their games onto 3DS and Wii U. With Curve Studios and other outfits now entrenched on the eShop, I reckon we'll see at least a sizzle reel of what to expect in the near future.

Announce a flippin' Metroid game already

What we expect, want and need from tomorrow's Nintendo Direct

Heh, don't hold your breath. You'll probably asphyxiate.

New Stuff?

Many Nintendo fans will be desperate for the Big N to roll out genuinely new games tomorrow,especially after the "new announcements" promise. Hell, I'd love them to. But frankly I think it's unlikely that we'll see anything too enormous, and there's also not much point. The Wii U and 3DS already has some great games on the slate -- so what the Nintendo Direct needs to do is show us these games in depth and detail, demonstrating rather than hyping them, while leaving any big new guns for a bigger stage. Remember, these Directs aren't press conferences!

Then again, if Iwata shows us Star Fox, announces a Platinum Games Metroid collaboration and drops the mic, I probably won't complain.

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