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Expeditions: Conquistador Seeks Final Kickstarter Push

Jonathan Lester
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Expeditions: Conquistador Seeks Final Kickstarter Push

Logic Artists, a Danish indie studio, have gotten in touch to ask for assistance with their current Kickstarter campaign - which has entered its final week and stands roughly $8,000 short of the $70,000 target. Expeditions: Conquistador promises to deliver an "intimate" tactical roleplaying game set in the Spanish conquest of Central America, with each unit and character having their own faces, personalities and backstory. Decisions are set to have far-reaching consequences, both for your troops and the fate of the New World.

The concept, hex-based battles and trailer looks pretty good, though it's definitely a niche title. We've got the details after the break.

Game Features:

  • Engaging and intricately branching storyline with difficult decisions and long-term consequences.
  • A gallery of unique expedition members who chime in during events & conversations and react to your decisions - pay attention to their morale or you may have to deal with mutiny!
  • Random events that throw you into danger, present unexpected opportunities, and build relationships with the members of your expedition.
  • High replayability - dynamic endings reflect decisions you've made throughout the story, how much gold you bring with you back to Spain, and how many expedition members you've lost (or gained!) along the way.
  • Detailed and tactical combat - make use of flanking, traps & barricades, attacks of opportunity, interrupts, cover & concealment, character abilities, and more.
  • Character management - unlock special abilities by promoting your expedition members, assign equipment to your troops, and treat injured or sick characters with a triage system.
  • Dynamic trading system - barter with different merchants and buy & sell resources based on local market conditions.
  • Campaign maps based on actual topological maps of the Dominican Republic and Mexico.

Expeditions: Conquistador is a tactical roleplaying game with a touch of strategic resource management and a pinch of choose-your-own-adventure. Conquistador is set in a rarely visited part of history which is rife with mystery, political intrigue, and good old-fashioned violence.

You will take on the role of a Spanish Conquistador in Central America in 1518-1520. Select the members of your expedition and explore campaign maps based on the actual topological maps of Hispaniola and Mexico. Through intricately branching dialogue, you will engage with the characters and situations that you encounter across these uncharted areas, and when it’s time to spill blood, a tactical combat system of great depth and brutality will let you control your individual troops in battle.

Combat is intimate and detailed, and failure has great consequences. Every expedition member has a face, a past, a set of personality traits, and of course a combat role - their morale will change depending on your decisions, they will chime in when you're weighing your options, and if they fall in battle, their injuries will carry over to the world map, where they must be treated by your doctors until they're back on their feet. Should you fail to treat your expedition members, they will die and be gone for good.

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DivideByZero  Sep. 6, 2012 at 13:41

Having really enjoyed Kings Bounty (hex combat), I am tempted, but not sure on this.

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