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VIDEO | Expendabros might be the best piece of free bromotional material we've ever played

Matt Gardner
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VIDEO | Expendabros might be the best piece of free bromotional material we've ever played

Expendabros is a free game. Think of it as an extended demo for the excellent Broforce, that just happens to feature some of the characters from the upcoming Expendables 3 movie. I know, the last time there was an Expendables game, it was one of the worst pieces of interactive excrement we've ever had the misfortune of playing through.

But this is basically Broforce. And, as anyone who's played Free Lives' games or seen any of our amazingly brofessional coverage of it will testify, Broforce is awesome, dumb, arcadey fun.

Forget those free Doritos games that Microsoft pumped out on Xbox LIVE, forget Zool and its Chupa-Chups. This is quite possibly the best piece of advergaming we've seen in a long time, possibly ever. It's not a true film tie-in per se, but even if it was, it'd be a damn sight better than most tie-in games. Because its free. And awesome.

You can try it out for yourself (and then download Broforce proper for more crazy explosive pixellated brilliance and online multiplayer), but I also threw together a little video last night that may be the least professional thing I've ever made. You can watch it after the jump. Apologies to any and all who do. There are many swears, terrible impressions, Darkness-esque moments of falsetto singing, and lashings of maniacal laughter.

I considered re-editing the commentary in a less hysterical manner, but frankly that would have been dishonest. This is what Broforce does to me. Let it be a warning to everyone else who plays this game that you'll have an amazing time blowing up everything in sight, but it'll probably turn you into a howling loon. Temporarily, of course.

Oh, and make sure you bring your air guitar.

Expendabros is free and will be available to download until the end of the year. Broforce itself is available for Mac and Windows PC through Steam for £11.99, or as a four-pack for £35.99.

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