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Experimental Indie Game Unfinished Swan Coming To PS3

Jonathan Lester
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Experimental Indie Game Unfinished Swan Coming To PS3

Sony Enters Three-Game Publishing Deal

Sony has made yet more headway into the indie scene with the announcement that they've entered into a three-game publishing deal with Giant Sparrow Studios. Their debut project, Unfinished Swan, will release as a PS3 exclusive, presenting an experimental monochromatic adventure in an unfinished world. Details and trailer below.

Unfinished Swan chronicles the journey of a young boy in a uniformly white world, which needs to be brought to life and filled in with black paint. The more the universe is coloured in, the more players will discover, and the PlayStation Move peripheral will play a key part in the gameplay. It's been in development for over three years, and promises to be an innovative and entirely unexpected experience. Behold.

Giant Sparrow have taken up residence at Santa Monica Studios for their next three games, all of which will be published by Sony as PS3 exclusives. Speaking to VG247, creative director Ian Dallas revealed that the publishing deal is very similar to the offer presented to thatgamecompany, which resulted in Flower, Fl0w and the sensational Journey, and that Sony had approached him during the earliest prototyping stage.

I had shown the game off at a festival in Tokyo called the Sense of Wondernight.

And I think what I’d heard was that Sony seen that video online and then shortly after called me up and said, ‘hey do you want to come over for coffee?’ They’re like ten miles away from where I was going to school.

So we met up and started talking and they were interested in potentially publishing the game, which was exciting but also a little bit scary because at the time, I didn’t know what the game was.

With experimental games like Journey providing to be massive financial success stories, it's no surprise that Sony are keen to expand their lineup - but nevertheless, it's fantastic to see major companies taking a real interest in the burgeoning indie scene. We'll bring you more as we hear it.

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