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Exquisite Indie RPG Hybrid Defender's Quest Is Coming To Steam

Jonathan Lester
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Exquisite Indie RPG Hybrid Defender's Quest Is Coming To Steam

With A Massive Update To All Versions!

Defender's Quest, the astounding indie hybrid between tower defence tactics and persistent RPG systems, will be headed to Steam in the near future. Programmer Lars Doucet confirmed the move on the Defender's Quest devblog, stating that only contract negotiations remain.

Why should you be excited? First of all, Defender's Quest is one of the best games of 2012 - we described it as "magnificent" and "near-perfect" in our 9/10 Defender's Quest review. Secondly, this move is also going to be prefaced by a major update to the Gold Edition, which freely adds a massive slew of new features to the game including New Game + functionality, new enemy variants, new weapons, new artwork, new dialogue, new maps and more. We've got the details below.

Seriously, I've never seen so much amazing stuff in a free update before. No wonder it's taken eight months.

Exquisite Indie RPG Hybrid Defender's Quest Is Coming To Steam

The exciting stuff:

  • New Art!
  • New overworld, sprites, UI - basically everything
  • New cutscene art (both backgrounds & character lighting, and some new character design tweaks)
  • New Story!
  • James has expanded some of the original cutscenes, added some more in battle dialogue, etc
  • More characterization in 7 new sidequests (see below)
  • New Game+
  • Each enemy type replaced with a stronger NG+ variant with special new abilities
  • 7 new NG+ exclusive sidequests expand the story
  • Secial battles that focus on different class combinations
  • Unique loot from normal game can be upgraded in NG+ to get special abilities
  • Items that grow in strength with your character's level
  • Items that inflict status effects
  • Weapons that are strong vs. certain enemy types
  • Armor that inflicts "porcupine" damage/status effects on enemies
  • Armor with strengths vs. certain damage flavors
  • Bonus battles!
  • 7 bonus battle maps (that's 14 battles in all if you include the NG+ variants)
  • 2 of the battles are "endless"
  • New Music!
  • Same great music from before, + 2 new original tracks
  • Magic books!
  • Special items that Azra can equip to change the rules of battle
  • 14 different books
  • Tiny tweaks
  • Recalling defenders before 1st wave hits = full refund
  • Can rename heroes now
  • "Quick equip" menu in store saves time when shopping
  • Double-click to equip stuff in equip menu
  • Toggle skills on/off in battle
  • More hotkeys
  • "Cash out early" option for endless battles
  • Mod support!
  • Rudimentary mod support, works in theory!*
  • Change all the data from the game
  • Change all the graphics
  • Define your own classes, items, enemies, levels, pretty much everything

*We'll continue to work on this going forward, so although the game itself will be ready at 1.0, mod support will still be "in beta" at launch. It seems to work right now but we'll need a real mod community to help us test it and iron out all the kinks.

Exquisite Indie RPG Hybrid Defender's Quest Is Coming To Steam

The details:

  • New enemy abilities:
  • Regeneration
  • Phasing (fades in and out according to a pattern, can't be targeted when phased out)
  • Porcupine (deals damage to defenders when attacked)
  • Death splash (deals damage when killed)
  • Special immunities and strengths (vs. certain damage flavors)
  • Healers (heal other enemies)
  • New interface overhaul
  • New graphical skin
  • Lots of usability / readability tweaks
  • More informative tooltips
  • More icons, less wordiness
  • In overworld battle previews, mouseover enemy icons to get detailed info
  • Select enemies in battle to get detailed stat & active status effect info
  • New targeting system for defenders*

*This one needs to be explained in paragraph form. We have the same main targeting modes from before - first/last/strong/weak/fast, but in addition we have four targeting "options" that can be selected independently from the main targeting mode. The options are:

  • Use CHEAP - makes defenders use the weakest technique that will still kill their target, saving higher-level techniques for stronger enemies.
  • Optimize EFFECT - spread out your status effect attacks to unafflicted enemies, and avoid negative combinations (if you have fire, avoid iced enemies, etc)
  • Best CHANCE - avoid wasting attacks on enemies with dodge & damage resistance to your attack, focus on those with lowest dodge & resist.
  • BULLDOG mode - once you pick a target, stick with it no matter what until it goes out of range or dies (useful for foes that escape your targeting logic over time)

These four options stack on top of your main targeting mode. So let's say you've got "FIRST + CHANCE" as your selection and there's two groups of enemies - a line of dark worms in front of you, and a line of vanilla revenant behind. The dark worms all have a 75% chance to dodge, so instead you will pick the first target that isn't dark - the first vanilla revenant in the second group.

The boring stuff:

  • Seventy bajillion bugfixes
  • Rebalancing, tweaks, fixes, etc.
  • Lots of fixed grammar and spelling
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