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Ex-Rare Devs Announce Fusion: Genesis

Felix Kemp
Fusion: Genesis, Fusion: Sentient, Starfire Studios, XBLA

Ex-Rare Devs Announce Fusion: Genesis

It's Not About The Early Days Of Nuclear Research

Remember back in May when we reported that Microsoft had filed a patent for an Xbox 360 game dubbed Fusion: Genesis? Well, guess what? We were right. Developed by ex-Rare Games staff at Starfire Studios, Fusion: Genesis is an ambitious twin-stick spacecraft shooter with MMORPG elements. It features four player co-op, eight player competitive modes and is "always connected", apparently.

Published by Microsoft Studios after a successful pitch from Starfire, Fusion: Genesis puts you in the cockpit of a spacecraft as you course the galaxy, completing quests on your own or with a friend or three, or jumping into PvP warzones with up to seven other combatants. You'll level up to earn new equipment and upgrades, too.

More exciting, however, is Starfire's claim that Fusion: Genesis is "always connected". What this means, pretty much, is that players might jump in and out of your game dynamically, affecting events for better or for worse. It's an ambitious concept, made even more bold by the inclusion of an ancillary game, Fusion: Sentient, a Windows Phone title where you build AI pet units which can be bought and traded in the main game to accompany your ship on quests.

Starfire Studios has a celebrated roster of developers, with Chris Tilston, Mark Edmonds, Philip Dunne and Ross Bury all having worked at Rare once, where they helped design the likes of Perfect Dark, Goldeneye and even Killer Instinct. [Eurogamer]

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