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Extinction Mode Brings Aliens To Call Of Duty: Ghosts

Jonathan Lester
Activision, Call Of Duty: Ghosts, Infinity Ward

Extinction Mode Brings Aliens To Call Of Duty: Ghosts

Because zombies are so last year, darling.

It appears that Call Of Duty: Ghosts' mysterious Extinction Mode, which was outed when the achievements leaked online, is a cooperative venture that throws players into combat against an extraterrestrial menace. Imgur user smtkz has posted numerous highly suggestive screengrabs that show aliens, squads and horrible tentacles - while a new Instagram teaser video from Activision ties in nicely.

Expect official confirmation soon. It's likely that Extinction is Ghosts' answer to Treyarch's Zombies mode, and we're looking forward to seeing how it measures up.

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Late  Oct. 28, 2013 at 11:03

Haven't liked IW's alternatives to Nazi Zombies over the last few iterations, but this looks promising. :D

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