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Eyepet (Game Only) £10.95 @ MyMemory [PS3 Games]

Matt Gardner
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Eyepet (Game Only) £10.95 @ MyMemory [PS3 Games]

Does anyone remember the hideously irritating Furbies, those interactive fluffy robot pets of the late-90s and early Noughties? Well, this is pretty much the digital equivalent. The Eyepet is a small dog/monkey/gremlin virtual pet that you can interact with if you have Sony's Playstation Eye camera.

MyMemory are stocking the game only version, so you'll have to buy the camera separately, for just £10.95 at the moment, giving you a saving of around a pound on the nearest offer over at ShopTo.

This game will basically appeal to anyone who ever got a kick of the Tamagotchi  or Nintendogs, or any other virtual pet simulator ever. The Eyepet itself is an incredibly cute genetic freak who acts much like a simian kitten might, proving cutely inquisitive and eager to play with whatever objects you place in front of it, which brings us neatly to this game's hardware gimmick...

The Playstation Eye is used here to interact with your pet: with the camera essentially acting as a mirror, you can pick up your Eyepet, knock it over, give it things to play with and chew on and so on and so forth. It doesn't work perfectly, of course, but then these things never do. It is, though, solid enough to provide hours of entertainment for kids and girlfriends alike.

To be honest, it's a little limited. Your pet never grows or evolves and, rather more disturbingly, there's not too much by way of negative reaction to bad behaviour. You can treat it appallingly and it'll still look as happy as can be like some sort of crazed Stockholm Syndrome victim. Worrying lack of education aside, the Eyepet is a fun distraction for the young gamer, and a good example hopefully of things to come as we look forward to Natal and the EyeToy.

Thanks to monkeymagik at HUKD

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