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Eyepet (Includes Playstation Eye Camera & Magic Card) £19.85 @ ShopTo [PS3 Game]

Felix Kemp
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Eyepet (Includes Playstation Eye Camera & Magic Card) £19.85 @ ShopTo [PS3 Game]

If you've always pined for a anthropomorphic furry critter as a pet, but don't like the idea of caring for it, cleaning after it, and financing its expensive eating habits, then Eyepet may be just the game for you. ShopTo are currently pricing Eyepet, along with the PlayStation Eye Camera and a free Magic Card, for just £19.85!

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This is by far the cheapest deal you'll find for Eyepet, especially with the PlayStation Eye Camera included. Something of a revolutionary, if unspectacular, game, Eyepet is an Augmented Reality game. You're tasked with caring for your very own pet who you can tickle, poke, and even play fetch with. This is possible through the use of the PlayStation Eye Camera, which scans an image of your room and tracks your movement. Your pet appears on the image of your room, and the camera tracks your movement, so if you wiggle your fingers on the portion of the screen your pet is currently occupying, he'll respond to this movement.

It's a hugely innovative concept, and for the most part the execution is solid. Roll a real-life ball across your floor, and your pet will chase it or jump out of the way. Your pet is also a very well-realised creation. Photo-realistic fur, an expressive face and believable animation lend his actions a sense of authenticity as he interacts with real-world objects projected onto your screen from the PlayStation Eye Camera.

But, as Eurogamer states in its 6/10 review, while the presentation is convincing, the mechanics are flawed, and the designers seemed so focused or consumed with creating the pet and bonding his actions with the PlayStation Eye Camera, that they forgot about basic game design, such as explaining what exactly a player must carry out, and properly informing them about what they did wrong.

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