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Eyepopping shooter Myriad confirmed for PS4 & Vita

Jonathan Lester
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Eyepopping shooter Myriad confirmed for PS4 & Vita

Myriad absolutely blew my mind when I previewed it last year. I described it as "the most drool-inducingly gorgeous videogame I've seen in quite some time," before waxing lyrical about its unique gameplay that lets you create beautiful deadly works of art while you play.

Now we're delighted to report that Myriad is coming to PS4 and PS Vita, where it's set to drop jaws.

"Myriad is purely about performance,"wrote developer Erlend Grefsrud on the PlayStation Blog. "It’s stark naked, with no story, no obvious meaning at all – just actions and consequences, crisp shapes and you. Everything springs out of your performance."

"The game is pretty simple. Defeat enemies to build the level you play in, but beware, defeating enemies only multiplies their numbers. Your goal is to blow up the level you built in a glorious chain reaction to clear it of enemies, upgrade your weapons — and do it again. Bigger and better."

But there's a twist.

"Inspired more heavily by Kandinsky than Bizarre Creations, this impossibly handsome shooter resembles the mad offspring of Rez and a lava lamp at first glance," I explained in our hands-on preview. "I could have stared at it all day, transfixed as a configuration of striking circles danced and organically evolved before my eyes. As an art installation, it's astonishing."

"Your world may start small, but it's constantly expanding in a dynamic and surprising way. Every time a enemy falls prey to your visually noisy guns, it explodes and becomes a part of the background play field, creating a new circle that you're free to move into. Each foe you dispatch increases the limits of your world, encouraging you to carefully kite and manoeuvre them into an advantageous position to maximise your newfound breathing space. Easy to understand, fantastic fun to experiment with and utterly eyepopping in the execution."

"At any time, you're free to pick up these background circles and reposition them on the fly, simply by holding the left trigger and dragging them around. You're literally capable of shaping the world on a whim, changing the level layout as you play, and it leads to all manner of exciting opportunities."

"And, of course, you're creating your own unique piece of art in the process. Your own playable masterpiece, complete with a procedural soundtrack, while having an absolute blast."

"I made it as beautiful as I could," Grefsrud concludes. "Now it’s your turn to make it more so."

Myriad is coming soon to PS4 and PS Vita. We can't wait.

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