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F.3.A.R. (F.E.A.R. 3) Preorder £22.99 @ Gameplay [PC Games]

Jonathan Lester
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F.3.A.R. (F.E.A.R. 3) Preorder £22.99 @ Gameplay [PC Games]

F.3.A.R. (which I will henceforth refer to as FEAR 3 to stop my spellchecker committing suicide) is still a ways off, but preorder prices are already falling to impressively low levels. Gameplay are currently leading the pack with a price of £22.99, which is an excellent price for any new PC release. They'll currently save you £2 compared to Gamestation's current offering, and a serious wad compared to everywhere else. Price levels are likely to fluctuate and will probably rise in the month before release, so if you're already psyched for FEAR 3, it's probably worth a preorder. Note that Gameplay's preorder policy means that you'll pay this figure even if the price inflates down the line... and you're free to back out if we find a better deal!

FEAR 3 heralds a marked departure from Monolith's first two offerings. It's been designed from the ground up as a competitive co-op shooter, with two players taking the role of the Point Man (the first game's protagonist) and the psychotically psychic Paxton Fettel. The Point Man's skillset focuses mainly on traditional gunplay and brutal melee combat, whereas Fettel's powerful telekinetic abilities will let you throw the enemies around like so many helpless ragdolls.

The twist in the tail is that the two 'brothers' absolutely hate each other. Far from a traditional cooperative experience, you'll actively strive to keep the best gear, shortcuts and intel away from your partner- whilst ensuring that they stay alive. It's an innovative concept to be sure, but it'll take some seriously well-designed levels to make it fun.

Whether FEAR 3 will deliver a true horror experience remains to be seen, but franchise fans ought to seriously consider this preorder deal.

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