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Fable 2: Game of the Year Edition £15.99 @ Gamestation [XBox 360 Games]

Lydia Low
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Fable 2: Game of the Year Edition £15.99 @ Gamestation [XBox 360 Games]

This tale of one man (or woman) and his dog (and his twenty wives...and five husbands...and twelve lovers...and thirty children) standing alone against the evil Lord Lucien was eagerly anticipated and, upon release, hailed by many as an instant classic.

As part of their baffling and sudden slew of inordinately great deals, Gamestation are currently offering the Game of the Year edition of Fable 2 for the fantastic price of just £15.99 which is almost a 50% saving from the next best offering of £29.85 from Shop To.

The Game of the Year Edition includes both of the DLCs which would usually cost you 2400 points alone! However if you just want to nab the game then Zavvi are doing a very good deal on the original version, with a price of just £12.95 - £2.50 less than the next best (£15.49 at CD Wow).

Fable II takes place around 500 years after the original, in the fictional world of Albion where the Heroes Guild has now been dissolved.  You play as Little Sparrow, the destined Hero of Bowerstone, who begins life as a young peasant child dreaming of living in the nearby Castle Fairfax which is currently held by the mysterious Lord Lucien. The game follows the now grown up Sparrow's attempts to bring together the Heroes of Will, Skill and Strength in order to prevent Lucien from carrying out his nefarious plans.

Albion is one of those rare settings that actually seem to live beyond the small segment that you are currently occupying. A charming place filled with very British humour, it is a joy to explore (and there is plenty of it!) and the nice graphics and music add to its quirky personality beautifully. The combat is a lot of fun and there's plenty of different quests to embark upon aside from the (slightly lacklustre) main story.

Despite all it has going for it, I just could not connect with Fable II and gave up on it rather quickly. Despite the much flaunted opportunities for choice, there is very little meaningful interaction. The conversation tool is rather like that of the Sims of old with a selection of simple expressions on offer but no actual communication. This is confounded by the one dimensional personality that appears to be shared by virtually every citizen of Albion, and means that it is hard to feel attachments to the various characters you meet--including those that you choose to marry. Even the characters of real import tend to just spout monologues at you while you stand by, apparently impassive.  It's likely that the only real connection you will build will be with your dog.

In fact, I did not even feel anything much for my own character. He began as a scrawny orphan boy but almost instantly seemed to become a rich, womanising buffoon and I don't even know how it happened! It is way too easy to make cash -- if you own a house to let or a shop you will receive income every five minutes even when you are not playing -- so money very quickly becomes meaningless.

Plenty of people swear by Fable and I do intend to give it another chance sometime but for now I would suggest that you proceed with caution.

Thanks to Hitman87 and Senses at Hotukdeals!

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Matt Gardner  Nov. 23, 2009 at 15:41

I agree with pretty much everything you've said here Lydia. Albion is actually the star of the show. Excellent combat system......but cheap morality engine.

Also guilty of The Worst Voice Acting Ever


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